Probably the Oldest Evening Cricket League in the World

MMP CUP 2019

Wednesday 1st May 6:30pm

Preliminary Round

                Ripley    v              North Stainley B

                Ripley 100-6, North Stainley B 101-2


(Loser of this tie may take the place in the MMP Cup should a team concede in 1st Round Greaves/ MMP draw) Any team conceding a tie will be withdrawn from all cup competitions


Wednesday 15th May 6:30pm

Greaves / MMP Round 1

A             Bilton                                          v              Corinthians

                     Corinthians 128-9, Bilton 132-4


B             Studley Royal B                          v              Birstwith B

                     Birstwith B 93, Studley Royal B 94-6


C             Arthington                                  v              Knaresborough Forest B

Knaresborough Forest B WIN (Arthington Conceded and are removed from all cup competitions)


D             Spofforth                                    v              Knaresborough B

                     Knaresborough B 105-8, Spofforth 58


E              Carr Manor Wetherby                  v              Killinghall

                     Killinghall 192-5, Carr Manor Wetherby 113-4


F              Rainton                                      v              Goldsborough B

                     Rainton 131-6, Goldsborough B 118-8


G             Sharow                                       v              Baldersby

                     Baldersby 42, Sharow 43-5


H             Boroughbridge & Staveley             v                North Stainley B

                     North Stainley B 100-2, Boroughbridge & Staveley 101-2


Winners of the above ties go into George Greaves Cup Round 2


Wednesday 5th June 6:30pm

MMP Cup Round 1

M            Birstwith B                v              North Stainley B

                 Birstwith B 150-4, North Stainley B 113-6


N             Ripley               v              Corinthians

                       Ripley 94-9, Corinthians 95-2


O             Spofforth               v              Carr Manor Wetherby

                    Spofforth 67-9, Carr Manor Wetherby 47


P             Goldsborough B               v              Baldersby

                     Baldersby 130-8, Goldsborough B 121


Wednesday 26th June 6:30pm  (Reserve date MONDAY 1st July)

MMP Semi Final

T             Birstwith B                      v              Corinthians

                      Birstwith B 137-9, Corinthians 119-6

U             Spofforth                        v              Baldersby

                            Spofforth 103-6, Baldersby 106-5


            MMP Cup Final

Monday 29th July 6:15pm


                              Birstwith B        v              Baldersby

                                Baldersby 104, Birstwith B 73-9